If you are looking for a way to keep your home warm this winter, then it is time to consider Kudox radiators. These radiators not only look great but they have also been designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. With heating costs on the rise, there has never been a better time to invest in new technology. Kudox used to be considered the Skoda of the radiator world – not good to look at, cheap and unreliable. Now, much like Skoda, that has changed, and that reputation is a thing of the past! Read on for our Kudox Radiator Reviews!

Kudox Radiator Black

Who Are Kudox?

Kudox is an English manufacturing company that specialises in the manufacture of central heating radiators and boilers and the wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating supplies. Kudox has been around since 2003 although they were known as ECA Products Limited until 2005 when it changed its branding and became Kudox. Kudox radiators were initially at the budget end of the radiator spectrum and not hugely popular with plumbers or heating specialists, but they have vastly improved their standing with market-leading quality, aesthetics, and innovation.

Kudox Radiator Reviews

Available in white, anthracite black and chrome, below, we are going to look at some of the more modern and stylish designs that Kudox has to offer.

Xylo Range

Are you looking for a modern radiator that is affordable but still has that high-end designer look? The Kudox Xylo range offers both gloss white and anthracite black powder-coated options to suit the look you are going for. With its sleek design and rectangular tubes, this range comes in 16 variations meaning that you will be able to find the size you require for each room in the house.

Alulite FLAT Range

The Kudox Alulite FLAT is an aluminium radiator range of rectangular slimline sections, suitable for modern interiors. It creates a stunning, linear finish and is lightweight which makes it easy to install and efficient in regard to heat transfer! Also available in gloss white and anthracite black powder coat finishes, these modern radiators will look great in any home.

Alulite ARC Range

The Kudox Alulite ARC is an aluminium radiator range very similar to the Alulite FLAT although it has a more elegant, curvy finish with arched tubes. The finish you get with this range is beautiful and will go in any home, old or new. These are also available in gloss white and anthracite black powder coat finishes.

Why Choose Kudox?

As you can see, Kudox is a modern, premium brand without a premium price tag. They design sleek and elegant radiators that will complement any decor. All Kudox radiators also come with a bleed valve and a blank plug and if you buy the gloss white or anthracite black – they have a clean powder coat finish. Kudox also values efficiency and this is evident in its technologies. Kudox radiators have lower water content and faster heat-up times than other brands meaning that you will not only stay warmer, but you will also do so by saving on your energy bills too!


As you can see from our Kudox Radiator reviews, Kudox is a brand to be trusted. That may not have always been the case but with their innovation in heating technology, they are able to offer premium-level solutions that will not break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kudox radiators good?

Yes, Kudox radiators have become exceptionally good, reliable radiators. They are no longer the budget radiators that could not be trusted. They are now used by professionals and DIYers alike.

What are the most efficient radiators?

The most efficient radiators are also the most expensive to run and they are electronic. They are the most efficient because they are constantly varying the power output, meaning you can set a specific temperature and it will remain at that temperature. They are also efficient as almost all of the electricity used to power them is converted into heat, meaning that there is no energy wastage.

Do I need radiators in my house?

Radiators may not be essential but if your home lacks a central heating system then yes, you should add them. Radiators give off heat into any room of the house and can be installed in any room easily.


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