Choosing the highest quality core driller for your budget is an important decision and one you will want to make sure that you get right. You need to invest in the right equipment which will let you get the work done quickly, with no extra fuss, and will last you as long as you need it to. But with so many different models on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the choice and struggle to find the best core drill for your needs. That’s why we have done all the research for you! Read below to discover our picks for the Best 3 Core Drills for Plumbers.

Coring drill/ brickwork

Why do Plumbers Need a Core Drill?

A core drill is an incredibly useful piece of equipment for plumbers to have in their tool kit. The drills can be powered either by electricity or hydraulics and can be used to quickly create holes of various shapes and diameters.

Plumbers find core drills useful when installing floor drains, plumbing pipes, and drainage systems. These tough and heavy-duty core drills will quickly cut holes in a variety of surfaces including floors, concrete surfaces walls, and reinforced materials.

What is the Difference Between Drilling and Coring?

Drilling is the process of making a hole in something using a drill. The bit on the drill is rotated at high speed and pressed into the material to be drilled. This cuts away material and creates a hole. Drilling is used for tasks such as puncturing holes in metal or wood, enlarging existing holes, or creating smooth surfaces on materials like plastic or glass.

Coring, on the other hand, is a drilling method specifically used to create cylindrical holes. In this process, a hollow cylindrical cutter with sharp teeth (called a “core bit”) is used instead of a standard drill bit. As the core bit is rotated, it removes material from the centre of the object being drilled.

Best Core Drill for Plumbers?

Read on for our selection of the best core drills for plumbers. These tools are all quality and will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

1. VEVOR 6.3 Inch/160MM Core Drill Machine

This powerful, heavy-duty core drill remains strong and stable as you drill neat and precise holes measuring up to 160mm in diameter. You can adjust the diamond drilling speeds easily to ensure that you can swiftly create holes in walls, brick, concrete, and masonry surfaces as you work. The powerful core drill has a strong, high-quality forged steel output shaft and an inlet of pure copper, both of which serve to make sure they are durable, remain intact, and will last you for a long time on the job.

Vevor’s high-quality core drill is sturdy and water-resistant making it perfect for drilling jobs while you are plumbing. It is also ergonomically designed with a specially designed handle to allow you to easily hold and manoeuvre it during use.

Product Information:

  • Drill Dimensions – 84 cm x 30cm x 21.08 cm
  • Weight – 15Kg
  • Drill Speed – 1600 RPM
  • Power Details – 110 Volts, 1980 Watts


  • Stable and strong drill for holes measuring up to 160mm in diameter
  • Water Resistant and Rust Proof
  • Forged Steel output and pure Copper inlet from strength and durability
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy use on the job


  • You may need to replace the hose and valve after a while as it is not necessarily of the same quality as the rest of the equipment and fixtures

2. Makita 8406/2 240V 13mm Diamond Core and Hammer Drill

This Diamond Core Drill comes with variable speed control and a maximum rotational speed of 1500 RPM backed up by an 850-watt motor, meaning you will be able to produce holes quickly and effectively in a variety of surfaces such as wood, tiles, masonry bricks, and even steel. The Makita Drill is also designed for easy use and handling with double insulation, a torque limiter, a vibration-free side grip, and a vibration-dampened rear handle. This means you’ll find it easy to handle on the job as you use the powerful percussion action drill to create pilot holes and the rotary action capabilities for diamond core drilling. You can trust this product for accuracy, stability, and reliability when you need to be exact.

When you buy this drill on Amazon you will also receive a complimentary case which will allow you to keep the drill and drill bits clean, undamaged, and together in between tasks.

Product Information:

  • Drill Dimensions – 11cm x 42cm x 29.5cm
  • Weight – 5.3kg
  • Drill Speed – 1500 RPM
  • Power Details – 240 Volts, 850 Watts


  • Variable Speed Control up to 1500 RPM and Powerful Motor
  • Easy to handle with vibration-free side grip and vibration-dampened rear handle
  • Includes free carry case
  • Powerful Percussion Tool for fast and accurate drilling on tough surfaces


  • A little pricey but if you buy cheap, you buy twice

3. Sealey DCD 110V Diamond Core Drill

This construction standard drill is a heavy-duty, robust, and high-quality tool designed to be used on concrete, masonry, brick, and other tough surfaces with a motor power of 2300 watts and a speed of 1900 RPM. For all its strength and power, the drill is also surprisingly lightweight, easy to handle, and compact. Constructed from tough, durable, and high-quality materials, this piece of plumbing equipment will enable you to quickly create the holes you need and feature side handles for easy use. Uniquely the drill also comes with a water-cooling kit which you won’t find included with some of the other big-name options

You will be able to vary the speed according to the material you are working with and if at any point overload becomes an issue there is a protective shut-off to keep you safe.

Product Information:

  • Drill Dimensions – 54 cm x 14 cm x 33.5 cm
  • Weight – 9.3 KG
  • Drill Speed – 1900 RPM
  • Power Details – 110 Volts, 2300 Watts


  • Heavy duty, created for construction jobs
  • Powerful motor and fast drill speed
  • Lightweight, compact and includes side handles.
  • Comes with Water Cooling Kit


  • The most expensive of our picks, but a high-standard tool that should last you long enough to make the price more than worthwhile


Our picks for the best 3 Core Drills for plumbers featured three of the strongest most robust machines available. These drills feature powerful motors, robust fixtures, and speed RPMs. They are designed to easily create exactly measured holes in a variety of extremely tough surfaces while easy-to-hold handles make them easy to manoeuvre while you work. Take a closer look at the drills above and discover which one looks like it suits your regular plumbing tasks. We’re confident that our picks listed above will stand the test of time on the job as the three best core drills for plumbers are currently available.

Things to Look for in a Coring Drill Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a core drill and a hammer drill?

There are a few key differences between a core drill and a hammer drill. A hammer drill is designed to create small holes by pounding the bit into the material, while a core drill is designed to extract a cylindrical core of material from the hole that’s been created.

What is a diamond core drill?

The diamond core drill is often used by construction workers to bore through solid materials such as concrete, brick, or stone in order to fit metal pipes and tubing. The drill can also be used to create holes in plastic or wood surfaces. The diamond-tipped bit is able to quickly bore through these materials without causing too much damage.

Will a core drill go through rebar?

Yes, a core drill will go through rebar depending on the type of “bit” that is used. There are diamond core bits that are specifically designed to go through any type of material, including steel and reinforced concrete. As always, use the correct bit for the job to minimize wear and tear on your equipment.


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