Sleek, stylish, antique, or modern? You’re looking for a new freestanding bath tap, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Specifically designed for freestanding baths, freestanding taps offer an aesthetic unlike any other and do wonders for the way a bathroom looks. This article will list 9 of the best freestanding bath taps available today from sleek and modern designs to something a little more art deco. I am sure that we will have something to suit everyone’s taste and bathroom decor so that buying one is not as difficult or time-consuming as it may previously have seemed.

Freestanding Bath taps

What are Freestanding Bath Taps?

Freestanding bath taps are specially designed taps that are floor-mounted and tall enough to reach up and into the bath. Freestanding bath taps come in a range of finishes, from chrome and anthracite black to a nice smooth brushed gold effect. Freestanding bath taps are at their stylish best when they are used to complement a sleek, fresh-looking freestanding bath.

If you want your bathroom to be elegant and have that touch of class, freestanding taps are the way to go.

What are the Benefits of Freestanding Bath Taps?

Realistically, aside from looking great, freestanding taps do not have any other benefits over regular taps mounted at one end or on the side of a bath. Freestanding taps are merely a great-looking feature that sets a bathroom apart from what you regularly see inside most houses.

Best Freestanding Bath Taps

Below we have chosen the best freestanding bath taps in varying styles so you can get the look you are trying to achieve in your bathroom.

1. Milano Razor – Modern Freestanding Bath Tap – TOP PICK

Introducing the Milano Bathroom Tap, which is designed with maximum functionality to create an easy and enjoyable experience in the bath. The solid brass construction provides long-lasting durability you can rely on while the pencil hand shower features a ‘corrugated’ spray for either gentle or forceful use.

All switching (from fixed head to hand rinse) is done through directional control of the handle. The product’s modern design makes it a perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom style and offers total peace of mind thanks to its 10-year guarantee against any problems – so you know your investment is safe and sound too!


  • Modern tap with pencil hand shower
  • Solid brass construction with chrome finish
  • Ergonomic lever handle for intuitive control of the flow
  • Ceramic disc technology
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Colour: Chrome
  • Height: 886mm
Milano Razor

2. Funime Chrome Freestanding Bath Taps

The Funime chrome bath taps are an eye-catching and luxurious way to update your bathroom. This bath tap features a multi-layered full chrome finish construction that is corrosion-proof so you can enjoy it for years. These taps come with a 1/4 turn ceramic disc cartridge, which means there are no drips, and the handle has easy turning; this provides both reliability and comfortability. This beautiful tap features a shower head fitting as well as easy-to-follow installation instructions in order to ensure you have a positive experience from start to finish. With this new chrome bath tap, you will be thinking about what’s next on the remodelling list!


  • Made of A-class brass with multi-layer chrome plating
  • 1/4 turn ceramic disc cartridge — no drips
  • Showerhead
  • 10-Year Warranty


  • Colour: Chrome
  • Height: 1150mm (top of arch)
Funime Freestanding

3. Celala Freestanding Square Bath Tap

The Celala Freestanding Square Bath Tap is a sleek, user-friendly design with the latest technology and innovations. It comes with a corrosion-resistant finish that never fades or corrodes in any condition, and it has a 10-year warranty. This stylish bath tap bears all the qualities of refinement and elegance that one would expect from Celala’s exclusive line of bathroom fixtures for modern living spaces. This product provides you with easy installation and ensures nothing but peace of mind for years to come!


  • Latest non-drip ceramic disc technology
  • Celala Chrome Plating surface technology innovation.
  • 10-Year Warranty


  • Colour: Chrome
  • Height: 890mm
Celala Freestanding Square Bath Tap

4. Antique Brass Bathtub Tap

This tap is elegantly designed with an antique brass finish and handmade construction. It features a powerful filler spout and hand sprayer ensuring you will always feel clean and refreshed. With its large shower head that is drip-free, it provides you with the benefits of having a handheld shower in the convenience of your bathtub without compromising on style or quality.


  • Antique brass finish
  • Handheld sprayer
  • 360-degree rotatable powerful filler spout.
  • Drip-free ceramic cartridge


  • Colour: Brass
  • Height: 1000mm (total) 660mm (spout)
Antique Brass Bathtub Tap

5. Modern Bathroom Waterfall Freestanding Tap

The Modern Bathroom Waterfall Freestanding Tap is designed for use with freestanding baths and includes the shower handset and hose attachment. Made of solid brass, this tap has a stunning chrome finish that will unquestionably make your bathroom stand out. It is well made, and the square-edged design gives it a modern edge, with the beautiful waterfall spout providing an elegant touch that adds style to any bathroom. The ceramic cartridges allow for precision control over water flow while providing longevity and it comes with a fantastic 10 Year Guarantee.


  • Stunning Square Edged Waterfall Design
  • High-quality Solid Brass Construction with a Dazzling Chrome Finish
  • Ceramic Cartridges for Precision Control
  • 10 Year Guarantee


  • Colour: Chrome
  • Height: 819mm
Modern Bathroom Waterfall Freestanding Tap

6. Rozin Freestanding Bath Tap

Dress up your bath with the shapely lines of the Rozin Freestanding Bath Tap. Morning cleansing rituals will be transformed into a delight, as the rectangular silhouette and elegant arch spout pull you toward that warm exhilarating pool. With a handle that provides single-hand operation, you are able to control the water temperature and flow without having to touch anything else on this beautiful installation. Install it with the necessary mounting hardware that includes bracket bolts so it’s a pretty much all-inclusive installation package perfect for getting cleaner and better-looking taps without the need for professional help.


  • Bathroom chrome Finish
  • Single handle ON/OFF operation
  • Includes Bracket and Bolts(3pcs)


  • Colour: Chrome
  • Height: 805mm
Rozin Freestanding Bath Tap

7. Rose Gold Freestanding Bath Taps

These Bath Taps will immediately transform your bathroom with just a touch of luxury. This long-lasting freestanding tap is designed to be tough and practical, made from quality brass that won’t corrode over time. They feature a discreet yet gorgeous rose gold finish that is both attractive and highly resistant to fingerprints, stains or other marks. There’s no need to worry about taps getting rusty – this durable metal will last you many years without the hassle. With the drip-free quarter-turn ceramic valves (easy for any age), you’ll enjoy smooth water every time without having to keep worrying about it splashing all over the place!


  • Solid brass construction
  • Durable rose gold finish
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Quarter-turn ceramic valves
  • 10 Year Guarantee


  • Colours: Rose Gold or Anthracite Black
  • Height: 730mm
Rose Gold Bath Taps

8. ENKI Camberley Tap

This stylish freestanding bath mixer tap with a traditional Victorian cross handle from House of ENKI comes in a stunning chrome finish to add that touch of class and elegance to your bathroom space. It is fully supplied with floor mounting pillars and UK-standard flexible bathroom taps connectors and adaptors for easy assembly. This range of high-quality bathroom fittings is designed to look great whilst also being compact, so it will suit any size or shape family bathroom.


  • Traditional Victorian cross handle
  • Stunning chrome finish
  • Supplied with floor mounting pillars and UK standard flexible bathroom tap connectors


  • Colour: Chrome
  • Height: 807mm
ENKI Camberley Tap

9. Milano Elizabeth – Traditional Lever Freestanding Bath Tap

Designed for a simple, authentic style with sleek black ceramic lever handles, this freestanding bath shower mixer tap is made from high-quality material that will last and give you a sense of satisfaction. It boasts lead-free solid brass construction as well as a chrome finish, which means it is perfect for heavy daily use. Its ceramic disc technology helps to prevent leaks and drips so that your water usage has a minimal environmental impact on the planet. With its 10-year guarantee ensuring the product’s strength and durability lasting over time, this traditional bath shower mixer tap by Milano Elizabeth is always ready to serve you.


  • Traditional freestanding bath shower mixer tap
  • Lead-free solid brass construction with chrome finish
  • Black ceramic lever handles with matching indices
  • Ceramic disc technology
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Colours: Brushed Gold or Chrome
  • Height: 756mm
Milano Elizabeth - Traditional Lever Freestanding Bath Tap

Freestanding Bath Taps Problems

Like any plumbing fixture, free-standing bath taps can develop problems over time or during the installation process. Here are some common problems associated with freestanding bath taps and potential solutions:

  • Stability Issues: Freestanding taps need to be firmly anchored to the floor. If not properly installed, they can wobble or become unstable.
  • Solution: Ensure the tap’s base plate is securely fixed to the floor. If it’s unstable after installation, you might need to re-install or add additional bracing.
  • Water Pressure Problems: Insufficient water pressure can result in a weak flow from the tap.
  • Solution: Check the main water supply valve to ensure it’s fully open. Clean any filters or aerators that might be clogged. If pressure is low throughout the house, you may need a water pressure booster.
  • Leaks: Leaks can occur at the base, handle, or spout.
  • Solution: Check all connections and seals. If the cartridge inside the tap handle is leaking, it might need replacement.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: If you’re experiencing sudden changes in water temperature, the issue could be with the mixer valve.
  • Solution: This might require replacing the mixer cartridge or the entire valve.
  • Aesthetic Issues: Over time, the finish on freestanding taps can deteriorate, leading to tarnishing, discolouration, or corrosion.
  • Solution: Clean the taps regularly using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive or harsh chemicals. Depending on the material, periodic polishing might be necessary.
  • Difficult Installation: Installing freestanding taps can be more challenging than wall-mounted or deck-mounted taps because of the need to run plumbing through the floor.
  • Solution: If you’re unfamiliar with plumbing, it’s a good idea to hire a professional. They’ll ensure that the tap is installed correctly and that there are no hidden leaks beneath the floor.
  • Space Concerns: Freestanding taps require more space than traditional taps.
  • Solution: Ensure you have sufficient space in your bathroom for both the tap and the tub. Take measurements before making a purchase.
  • Cost: Freestanding taps can be more expensive than their wall-mounted or deck-mounted counterparts.
  • Solution: Ensure the tap you’re considering is within your budget. However, investing in a high-quality tap can reduce future maintenance costs.


There we have it, the 9 best freestanding bath taps available to give your bathroom the finish it deserves. There is something here for everyone, from more modern sleek waterfall designs to stunning Victorian style taps that are timeless. Whichever taps you choose, I’m sure that your bathroom will look fantastic and be a sight to behold.

Pros and Cons of Freestanding Bath Taps Infographic

Plumbing Wizard Tips

“Do not skimp on your taps, buy cheap and you buy twice plus the cost of fixing the leak!”

“All of these taps are easy enough to install yourself if you have the confidence!”

“My favourite is the Milano Razor but don’t take my word for it, choose the ones you love!”

“Always take the correct measurements of your bath height to ensure that your taps are tall enough!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do freestanding taps fix to the floor?

Yes, all freestanding taps should be fixed to the floor. The majority will come with the fittings and instructions.

Do I need freestanding taps for my freestanding bath?

No, there are many different options for freestanding baths. If you prefer, you can have taps installed on the side of your freestanding bath.

Are freestanding taps good?

Yes, freestanding taps are very good. they are modern and stylish and really give a bathroom a unique feel, more so when used with a freestanding bathtub too.


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